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Timothy Norwood

County Commissioner District 4 - IND

2022 Clean Water Questionnaire Responses

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  • Question 1 : Yes
    1) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is finalizing the new Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual (LOSOM), and while the plan should reduce harmful discharges to the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries, discharges will still occur when the level of the lake gets too high. Do you agree the Army Corps and the South Florida Water Management District must send more water south during the dry season in order to minimize the possibility of discharges and their impact on human health and the environment?
    Candidate Comment:

    Honestly I have not seen the impact statements in enough detail to say yes or no. I will, when elected in November, do every thing within, above and beyond my power as THE Manatee County "environmentally focused" County Commissioner, to protect Lake Okeechobee and The Everglades. I am very focused on Piney Point and the effect of our loss of wild and farm lands to developers who are pulling those related strings. I am willing to say no to any who are endangering our wild waters, wildlife and lands. Sincerely, Timothy Norwood Independent Candidate for Manatee County Commissioner Dist. 4

  • Question 2 : Yes
    2) Florida is booming, with an estimated 1,000 people moving here every day. As a result, development is pushing growth further into Florida’s rural and natural areas, imperiling wildlife and natural resources like clean water. Will you oppose changes to your county’s Comprehensive Plan/Urban Development Boundary that would allow non-agricultural development in rural areas outside the urban, most densely developed area(s) in your county?
    Candidate Comment:

    I will protect our farm lands, our wild lands, our wild waters, and our wild life at every decision I make. Timothy Norwood Independent Candidate for Manatee County Commission Dist. 4

  • Question 3 : Yes
    3) State legislation, FDEP data and the Blue-Green Algae Task Force all report agriculture as the dominant source of phosphorus and nitrogen within most impaired watersheds of Florida. Do you agree industries and property owners should be held to clearly enforceable pollution standards and penalties; including mandatory adoption and verification of best management practices, and to implement inspection programs targeting septic, agriculture and industrial wastewater?
    Candidate Comment:

    I am willing to say NO polluters, and am ready to work enforce the protection and restorations of our wonderful ecosystems. I have never and will never accept one penny from developers. Timothy Norwood Independent Candidate for Manatee County Commissioner Dist. 4

  • Question 4 : Yes
    4) Key water bodies along the Florida coast, including the Indian River Lagoon and Biscayne Bay, are plagued by excess nutrient pollution which kills seagrass. This in turn has led to increased turbidity and reduced habitat essential for fish, birds, marine mammals, and other marine species. If elected, would you support aggressive measures to address water quality problems, including (but not limited to) a mandatory septic inspection program, increased investment in septic-to-sewer conversions and upgrades to municipal sewage treatment facilities, increased stormwater pollution controls and tougher fertilizer restrictions coupled with strict enforcement?
    Candidate Comment:

    I am the last possible candidate chance to have a dedicated environmental advocate, willing to say NO in the purpose of saving our ecosystems from the Piney Point waters scheduled to be injected into the heart of our Florida ground waters. I AM IT. Period! If I'm not on the November Ballot, and If I'm not elected, that injection well is being drilled now, and the schedule is to begin pumping 1000 gallons of contaminated Piney Point waters into that open ended well every single day starting November of 2023. I will stop it and force a critically Environmentally Conscious solution instead. So Help Me God! Timothy Norwood Independent candidate for Manatee County Commissioner District 4

  • Question 5 : Yes
    5) Special interests in Florida spend lavishly to influence elections at the local, state and federal level. The sugar industry, phosphate mining industry and big utilities, among others, spend millions to aid candidates who then back their preferred legislation - too often, at the expense of clean water. Do you agree your campaign will accept no contributions from any source with ties to polluting industries including, but not limited to, the sugar, phosphate and utility industries?
    Candidate Comment:

    I am the only Candidate for Manatee County Commission who has refused to accept a single penny from any special interests or developers. I will stand firm on Never allowing a single drop of Piney Point water to ever be pumped into the ground waters of Florida. Furthermore, I am the only last chance to STOP the Feb. 2023 scheduled injection of said water into the 3000 foot well already approved by current Manatee County Commissioners. I am currently in great need of the $5000. needed for final ballot qualification. I am Independent from political corruption and will dedicate my 4 year term to the protection of our Florida fishing, farming and wonderful future Quality of life. If I am not elected in the November ballot, I do not ever want to hear a single complaint about the corruption and financial hold developers have over our elected officials, because I am the real time counter corruption candidate and I owe no-one but by God, My family and the voters of our Country. We must stop re-electing the Darlings of the Developers, and put the ecology of our lands and seas back into the care of those of us who love them as the gift they are.Very Sincerely, Timothy S. Norwood Independent Candidate for MANATEE County Commissioner District 4. 941-780-5514