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About Us

VoteWater, formerly Bullsugar.org, is a grassroots organization founded by Stuart residents in August 2014 on the belief that stopping the damaging discharges to our coasts and restoring the Everglades is not a science or engineering problem. The science has been known for decades. Our problem is a political problem - and it requires a political solution.

Our Mission

To fight political corruption in Florida by galvanizing public resolve to end the systemic pollution and mismanagement of our waterways.

Our Vision

To preserve and protect the public’s right to clean and sustainable water by:

  • Identifying and elevating environmentally responsible candidates for public office;
  • Influencing elected officials to advance and vote for clean-water policies;
  • Conducting in-depth analyses and investigations into crucial clean-water topics to raise awareness and inspire activism rooted in a comprehensive knowledge of the issues.

We will serve as the voice and conscience of 22 million Floridians who recognize the importance of clean water to marine life, human life, and economic vitality.


Our Voter Guides helped tens of thousands of Floridians learn more about candidates for county, state and federal office. We surveyed
over 500 candidates in 15 key Florida counties for their position on clean-water issues; we dug into campaign finance to find out who was taking money from Big Sugar and other polluting industries. The result was an electorate better prepared to elect  candidates who’ll fight for cleaner water, now and in the future.

Our “NO BIG SUGAR” money campaign seeks to end the toxic influence of Big Sugar money in politics and free elected leaders to act in the best interest of their communities. Big Sugar has rigged the system for far too long — and change is on the way.

VoteWater's weekly newsletters, action alerts and our new "Deep Dive" investigative series helped a growing list of subscribers understand the political, scientific, medical, and technical dimensions of Florida's fight for clean water. Readers have come to expect VoteWater to deliver the unvarnished truth, provide readable analysis that makes complex issues clear, and flag opportunities to speak up and take action.

VoteWater has distributed more than 2,500 "Vote Water" yard signs; voters from coast to coast proudly displayed non-partisan commitments to support toxic discharge reduction, Everglades restoration, and every citizen's right to clean water.

In an era where competing narratives crowd out the truth, VoteWater built a loyal social media audience by defining ourselves as a credible source of information. We communicate with more than 330,000 followers every day.