Water Warriors - 2020

There are a handful of candidates who have proven through their actions and words that Florida's water quality is one of the highest priorities. We endorse these candidates for their unwavering commitment as well as their refusal to be biased by special interests and other influences.

Throughout my time in office, I've worked tirelessly to restore the Everglades and keep our state free from harmful pollution. I look forward to continuing the Bullsugar/VoteWater mission of ensuring Florida's future generations continue to have clean drinking water and a pristine natural environment.JOSE JAVIER RODRIGUEZ

I look forward to pressing for Everglades restoration projects... Protecting our sources of water from contamination, toxic runoff, nuclear power plants, or leaky septic tanks will continue to be a top priority because clean water is essential to our health, livelihood, and economy, and it shouldn't be a luxury.Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

As Mayor, I will tackle the climate crisis with science-based research and proven leadership. I'm proud to receive this endorsement as a testament to my many years advocating for and defending our precious water resources against overuse, pollution, and neglect.DANIELLA LEVINE CAVA