2018 Thank-you Message to Bullsugar Supporters

We made history this year. Never before has clean water inspired political debate, media coverage, or public discussion the way it did in Florida in 2018.

St. Lucie dolphin. Emily Mauri photo.

For the first time federal lamakers and agencies enter a new year being held accountable not just for recognizing our water management crisis, but for solving it.

You were the difference.¬†As we track legislation in congress and legal action in federal courts, we’ll be following the efforts of Bullsugar supporters like you to finally force our government to stop poisoning us, to stop destroying places we love, and to stop giving away our public resources.

As hard as 2018 was on Florida communities from coast to coast, we’ve never had more reasons to be optimistic about finding a solution–one that we don’t have to wait 10 or 20 years for. It was your passion and support that got us here.

Thank you.