As Idalia approaches, some links to resources and a look at what happens after the storm

As Hurricane Idalia makes its way toward landfall near Florida’s Big Bend, here are some key links for those in the path of the storm:

The impacts of a storm like Idalia don’t disappear after the storm passes. Last year Hurricane Ian not only damaged major swaths of southwest Florida, it pushed huge amounts of runoff, sediment, untreated wastewater and more into area waterways that among other things helped fuel a subsequent red tide.

Depending on the path Idalia takes and how much rain it drops, it could fill up an already-high Lake Okeechobee, leading to damaging discharges to the east and west coasts. As of Tuesday morning the lake stood at 15.32 feet; U.S. Army Corps officials have said discharges will begin when the lake gets to 16.5 feet.

The math, in the wake of a storm like Idalia, is not encouraging.

But for now, the immediate threat to life and property takes precedence. Our thoughts are with those in the path of the storm.

Stay safe.