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Managing Florida's water for sugarcane production has been a disaster

Help! Sugar Reform Coming Up for Vote

May 3, 2018

Don’t underestimate the importance of Treasure Coast congressman Brian Mast’s pledge to support Sugar Program reform this week. It’s the latest confirmation that clean water politics are forcing lawmakers to confront the sugarcane industry’s impact on Florida. Until now, for…

Marco Rubio hugs Florida Crystals' Pepe Fanjul,

Will You Take Sugar Money? Voters are Asking.

April 26, 2018

Florida politics changed this week, quietly but profoundly. Candidates for governor have declared–on the record–whether they will accept donations from the sugarcane industry. That makes sugar money a statewide election issue in 2018, pushing two billionaire families and their sprawling businesses…

Palm Beach Post: Lake Point morphed from polo-themed real estate development to rock mine

SFWMD: Do *NOT* Ask to See Public Records

April 19, 2018

The South Florida Water Management District is cracking down on citizens who ask too many questions. The state agency recently threatened legal action against 16 people requesting details on its multi-million-dollar deal with a Martin County mining operation. And when…

Fish Kill, IRL

Red Tide by Jerry Kustich

April 12, 2018

Jerry Kustich’s books (including his latest, Holy Water) offer contemplative, insightful meditations on the peace and beauty of fly fishing. But this piece is different. Kustich grew up watching pollution destroy fisheries in his backyard and across the nation, and now…


2018’s Legislative Water Woes

April 5, 2018

This legislative session’s anti-clean-water proposals are going to affect your life. Here’s how.   Toilet-to-tap: HB 1149 Not a fan of birth control in your drinking water? Too bad. As populations explode statewide, demand for water supply grows and not…

Warning: Contaminated Water

The Cycle of Crap Punishing Florida’s Waterways and Taxpayers

March 29, 2018

Last week we made fun of the connection between sewage, politics, and industry in Florida. It’s one way to cope with the cycle we’ve been stuck in, where three institutional forces survive and thrive by literally crapping on the public: Florida’s…

Is this the future of Miami's drinking water?

Oh, the Places Poo Will Go: Florida’s Toilet-to-Tap Law, in Rhyme

March 22, 2018

Of all the anti-clean water legislation that Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott can sign into law this week, none tops the “toilet-to-tap” bill allowing treated sewage to be injected into the Biscayne aquifer–Miami-Dade’s water supply. We owe Dr. Seuss an apology for…

St. Lucie Sunrise. Photo by Kristof Reuther.

So, Are We For or Against the Everglades Reservoir?

March 15, 2018

This question, swirling around Everglades policy circles all winter, touched off a string of debate-club arguments that left everyone confused and divided. Which is exactly what it was supposed to do. It’s a dishonest question, asked mostly by people who…


Mosquito Lagoon Guide Calls it Quits, In Face of Ecosystem Collapse

March 15, 2018

Long-time Mosquito Lagoon guide, Billy Rotne recently found himself faced with a choice of moral and financial significance: Continue adding pressure to a system in peril, risking shared responsibility for its fast-increasing decline, or walk away from a cherished location…

Dead zones and hypoxia are taking a massive toll on Chesapeake Bay fisheries

Coastal Conservationists, We’re On Our Own

March 12, 2018

Tony Friedrich has a warning for Florida fisherman: No one has your back. Friedrich has spent the better part of his life fighting a mostly uphill battle over the Chesapeake. He has watched a national treasure slowly degrade and coastal…