ACTION ALERT: Please Submit Public Comments to CDC

There are 6 days left to submit comments on a proposed study by the CDC that would examine exposure and health effects of aerosols from cyanobacterial blooms on highly exposed populations during the next active bloom season.



We don’t yet know the extent of harm caused by extended exposure to aerosolized toxins from these blooms, but past studies show concern for long-term exposure and health concerns. 

A study hosted by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute last summer resulted in positive tests for “detectable levels” of microcystin, the toxin produced by cyanobacteria, in the nasal passages of every volunteer subject tested living along the St. Lucie River. 

Information on aerosol exposure and toxicity is critical in the areas around Lake Okeechobee where extensive cyanobacterial blooms have become a regular occurence. Since this is also happening in many other states, these findings will be of national importance.

The lack of information on exposure and long-term health risk has led to inconsistency in public warnings that exposes the public with long-term consequences.

Don’t miss your chance to participate! 

It is critical that we remain involved in this process as a collective community. 

Comments on the study are being accepted until November 18th and can be submitted one of two ways:

  • Online: Federal eRulemaking portal:
  • By mail: Addressed to Jeffrey M. Zirger, Information Collection Review Office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road NE, MS-D74, Atlanta, Georgia, 30329

All submissions received must include the agency name (CDC) and docket number (CDC-2019-0079).