BullSugar.org Adds Its Voice to Growing Chorus Calling for Sugar Reform

Screen_Shot_2016-07-01_at_10.48.11_AM.pngWashington, DCToday, the Coalition for Sugar Reform announced that BullSugar.org has added its name to the growing list of organizations that want Congress to reform the U.S. sugar program. BullSugar.org is dedicated to protecting Florida’s waterways, which have been devastated by massive sugar-producing operations that are subsidized by the federal sugar program.

“Stopping the damage that is being done to our estuaries and restoring our waterways is not a science or engineering problem,” said Kenny Hinkle Jr., President of BullSugar.org. “It’s a political problem, perpetuated by elected federal officials who want to protect a select few sugar producers to the detriment of our environment and our economy.”

“Elected officials in Washington should put protecting America’s precious natural resources – particularly the water that feeds our rivers, estuaries and oceans – ahead of protecting payouts to a special interest group,” continued Hinkle Jr. “We are proud to join the Coalition for Sugar Reform in calling on lawmakers in Washington to fix the U.S. sugar program.”

Earlier this week, the Taxpayers Protection Alliance joined the Coalition for Sugar Reform, showing the diverse chorus of organizations calling for reform of the outdated and unnecessary sugar program.

Through a series of marketing allotments, import quotas and price supports, U.S. sugar policy benefits one, small special interest group, while American consumers, taxpayers, businesses and the environment pay the cost.

Learn more about U.S. sugar policy and why reform is long overdue to protect the nation’s consumers, food manufacturers, small businesses and natural resources at www.SugarReform.org.

About the Coalition for Sugar Reform:

The Coalition for Sugar Reform (www.SugarReform.org) represents consumer, trade, and commerce groups, manufacturing associations, and food and beverage companies that use sugar – including confectioners, bakers, cereal manufacturers, beverage makers and dairy companies – as well as the trade associations for these industries.

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