Carlos Gimenez

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

One cannot visit the Everglades or the Florida Keys and not leave determined to protect them for future generations.

I look forward to pressing for Everglades restoration projects… Protecting our sources of water from contamination, toxic runoff, nuclear power plants, or leaky septic tanks will continue to be a top priority because clean water is essential to our health, livelihood, and economy, and it shouldn’t be a luxury.

Javier E. Fernandez

Protecting Florida’s water supply is vital to the economic and environmental future of our state. I’m proud to have the support of Vote Water and am ready to get to work with them on protecting clean water for generations to come by banning fracking, stopping giveaways to corporate polluters, and fighting to restore the Everglades.

Ana Maria Rodriguez

Clint Jay Barras

James Vernon Mooney Jr

Eddie Martinez

Mike Forster

Jose Peixoto

Annalise Mannix