Alternative EAA Reservoir Concept Surfaces

The Everglades Foundation says it has an alternative EAA reservoir design it wants to share with the South Florida Water Management District.


In a letter to SFWMD executive director Ernie Marks, Everglades Foundation CEO Eric Eikenberg offered to share a plan that includes a shallower, more economical reservoir than the district’s proposal, provides 13,000 acres of stormwater treatment, sends more water south and cuts coastal discharges more than the district’s proposal. In keeping with the letter and spirit of SB10, the Everglades Foundation’s concept would also comply with the law’s budget requirements — a potentially fatal weakness of the district’s plan.

The concept could represent a critical breakthrough in the effort to design the most effective and cost-efficient possible EAA reservoir within the bounds of state law.

Please click on the letter below to read it in full.