Florida Primary Election Clean-Water Voter Guides Are Here!

Clean-water voter guides are now available at VoteWater.org.

We need your help: Please share them with everyone you know who cares about clean water.

VoteWater volunteers surveyed candidates running for office in coastal areas of Florida for their stances on five major issues facing water quality in the state. Answers to the surveys as well as other considerations helped us rate candidates in nearly every major race in 14 counties.

The guides are organized by county, they include Democrats and Republicans committed to solving Florida’s water crisis, and they highlight individuals who have made a commitment to challenging the status quo.

Florida’s primary election day is fast-approaching. We’ve taken some of the homework out of the equation to help you determine the best candidates to take back our water, but now it’s you that has to show up at the ballot box on August 18th. Take a look at the clean-water voter guides today, and make sure that you’re ready to #VoteWater.

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Florida’s water crisis is a political problem. It requires a political solution.
Elect clean water candidates in 2020.