Irma Recovery: How You Can Help

Your help is still needed. For every person sighing in relief at a near miss, there’s another who’s lost everything to Irma. As Florida begins the long process of recovery, thousands of people still need our help.

Hurricane Irma Ft. Lauderdale

The Center for International Disaster Information says sending money is always the most useful and efficient way to help. As the needs of those affected vary, monetary contributions allow emergency responders on the ground to buy specific supplies, while material donations often take up unnecessary space and time to process.

Emergency response experts also stress that well-intentioned volunteers without prior disaster relief experience can become more of a burden than an asset during relief efforts. To find out more about how you can help, here’s a list of verified charitable organizations that are working directly to rebuild Florida in the wake of devastation.

  • The American Red Cross provides direct aid to affected areas.

  • UNICEF is focused on getting children back to school.

  • The ASPCA provides on the ground life-saving efforts to transport hundreds of animals in the aftermath of Irma.

  • Save the Children is setting up safe spaces in shelters for displaced and vulnerable children.

  • Oxfam works to provide clean water and basic sanitation needs.

Your generosity could make all the difference.