New Year, New Water Warriors

On the heels of a horrific year for water, we made tremendous strides in 2019 towards securing water management that prioritizes environmental benefits for the whole Everglades ecosystem and protecting human health and safety from the dangers of toxic algae exposure.

Bullsugar members, young and old, in Florida and beyond, are fighting to secure a clean water legacy for all Floridians

In 2020, we’re committed to taking those victories further. That means doing everything we can to advocate for management of Lake Okeechobee that mirrors operational changes made by the Army Corps last year–lowering the lake before the rainy season and protecting coastal communities from massive discharge events when cyanobacteria blooms were on the rise. That means maximum flows during the dry season west to the Caloosahatchee and south to Everglades National Park where water is so desperately needed.

We’ve got a fighting list to conquer this year, and we need your help.

Bullsugar was recently honored to be chosen as a feature in TC Palm’s annual 12 Days of Christmas series, highlighting ways that you can help groups that research, protect, and restore area waterways. This year we emphasized the need for a resource that makes us more vocal, more effective, and more united in the fight for clean water: you.

Will you make 2020 the year that you join the group leading Florida back to a clean water legacy? Read more about why you should become a member today!

Original work written by Tyler Treadway. Published 1/1/2020 by TC Palm, available online here.

From its focus on the St. Lucie, Bullsugar has expanded to statewide water issues, put pressure on lawmakers, endorsed candidates and backed the Army Corps of Engineers for lowering Lake Okeechobee this year, a move many say kept harmful discharges and the subsequent algae blooms away…

…The group, known for its posters urging people to vote “Water” rather than Republian or Democrat, produces voter guides and endorses candidates each election year and distributes fact sheets on environmental issues each session of the Florida Legislature.

The group is “fighting back against the status quo and demanding changes that prioritize your health and safety, your livelihood and your continued prosperity,” Preston said. “As a united front, we can end toxic discharges to the coastal estuaries of South Florida and restore America’s Everglades by rerouting clean fresh water south to Florida Bay.”

To read Tyler Treadway’s original column in its entirety, click here.