Pro-sprawl Senate Bill 540: Here’s who voted for it

Given the clout the sprawl industry wields in Florida, it’s hardly surprising the Florida Senate passed controversial Senate Bill 540 on April 19, over the objections of conservation groups (like VoteWater) and citizen advocates around Florida.

The bill, which may soon land on Gov. DeSantis’s desk, mandates that anyone who challenges a local comprehensive plan amendment and loses is on the hook for the other side’s legal fees. This includes “intervenors” like developers, meaning local citizens concerned about runaway growth – and amendments made to their local comp plan to accommodate it – could be liable for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Nick DiCeglie, R-18. A last-second amendment that would have prevented “intervenors” from inserting themselves into such cases – and collecting legal fees from losing citizens – failed.

If signed into law by Gov. DeSantis, this could spell the end of such citizen challenges in Florida. Which, of course, is what the Sprawl Industry wants.

So who voted for this – who voted to disempower the citizens in their district? See the list, below:

The bill passed 29-10, with one senator not voting; of the 29 “yes” votes, 27 were Republicans, two Democrats; of the 10 who voted against, all were Democrats.

Senators who voted YES/For SB 540:

  • Sen. Ben Albritton – R-27
  • Sen. Brian Avila – R-39
  • Sen. Dennis Baxley – R-13
  • Sen. Jim Boyd – R-20
  • Sen. Jennifer Bradley – R-6
  • Sen. Jeff Brodeur – R-10
  • Sen. Doug Broxton – R-1
  • Sen. Danny Burgess – R-23
  • Sen. Colleen Burton – R-12
  • Sen. Alexis Calatayud – R-38
  • Sen. Jay Collins – R-14
  • Sen. Nick DiCeglie – R-18
  • Sen. Ileana Garcia – R- 36
  • Sen. Erin Grall – R-29
  • Sen. Joe Gruters – R-22
  • Sen. Gayle Harrell – R-31
  • Sen. Ed  Hooper – R-21
  • Sen. Travis Hutson – R-7
  • Sen. Blaise Ingoglia – R-11
  • Sen. Shevrin “Shev” Jones – D-34
  • Sen. Jonathan Martin – R-33
  • Sen. Debbie Mayfield – R-19
  • Sen. Keith Perry – R-9
  • Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez – R-40
  • Sen. Linda Stewart – D-17
  • Sen. Jay Trumbulll – R-2
  • Sen. Tom A. Wright – R-8
  • Sen. Clay Yarborough – R-4
  • Sen. Kathleen Passidomo – R-28
  • Sen. Corey Simon – R-3

Senators who voted NO/against SB 540:

  • Sen. Lois Berman – D-26
  • Sen. Sen. Lauren Book – D-35
  • Sen. Rosalind Osgood – D-32
  • Sen. Jason Pizzo – D-37
  • Sen. Tina Polsky – D-30
  • Sen. Bobby Powell – D-24
  • Sen. Darryl Rouson – D-16
  • Sen. Geraldine Thompson – D-15
  • Sen. Victor Torres – D-25

If your Senator is on the list of those who voted to pass this heinous bill, you might call them up and ask them why. And thank them, for the extra runoff, traffic, habitat loss and sprawl this bill is almost certain to create.