Support The Commissioners That Have Supported Us

WE now have three commissioners that Big Sugar helped elect.

They’ve bought their way into our Chamber of Commerce and our Economic Council.

They have joined forces with the Lake Point rockpit people to try to get Sarah Heard and Ed fielding removed from the Martin County Commission.


The accusations against Sarah and Ed are that they didn’t produce emails in a timely fashion. Sarah and Ed’s accusers are the dubious employees of Lake Point. Innocent. The states attorney and the Stuart News appear to be working as a branch of Lake Point to pretend this is this is a terrible crime instead of a misdemeanor.

Sarah and Ed have been our River champions. They do their homework and understand the issues. They’ve never wavered in fighting for us.

On Tuesday morning at 8 am at the Blake Library – next to the County Administrative Center near East Ocean and the Airport Bypass (Monterey Rd.) there will be a rally for Sarah and Ed.

This is our Now or Never for Martin County, If Gov. Rick Scott replaces Ed and Sarah our County will be owned lock, stock and barrel by Sugar and developers.

Please come out to support the commissioners who have supported us.

Bring an umbrella. It might rain. Show them we are determined.