Thank you for your interest in volunteering with VoteWater! Our mission is to fight political corruption in Florida by galvanizing public resolve to end the systemic pollution and mismanagement of our waterways. We must preserve and protect the public’s right to clean and sustainable water by:

  • Identifying and elevating environmentally responsible candidates for public office.
  • Influencing elected officials to advance and vote for clean-water policies.
  • Producing a highly visible clean-water voter guide every election cycle to create sustained momentum for improved water policy.

Together, we will serve as the voice and conscience of 22 million Floridians who recognize the importance of clean water to marine life, human life, and economic vitality.

Please complete the form below so we can determine if there is a role for you in our fight for clean water.

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It is important our volunteers have an understanding of everything we are fighting for, to clean up water quality in Florida. Please read the following page: Clean Water Solutions for Florida
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