Congratulations to Eric Burnett, Winner of the Custom Nautilus Reel!

Eric Burnett is the quintessential Florida sportfisherman. Fishes for lots of species, salt and fresh. Appreciates world-class fisheries. And top-quality tackle. Fly fishes with professional guides. Worries about their future and about the next generation’s chances to fish these waters. Doesn’t live here.

“I treasure the moments when I’m able to spend fly fishing,” he says. “Fishing in areas like the Everglades or the Keys allows me to challenge my abilities and experience an entirely different world. By protecting areas like these, I get more opportunities to enjoy them in the future, and my son gets a chance to enjoy them after I’m gone.”


Eric Burnett plans to take his Nautilus Reels custom CCF-X2 on his next trip

People like him drive Florida’s sportfishing economy, traveling here for charters, investing in gear from local manufacturers like Nautilus Reels, promoting Florida fishing far and wide. But these fishermen are also critical voices for conservation and responsible stewardship of natural resources. If Florida doesn’t listen, Eric Burnett can easily go somewhere else to fish. But he’s hoping he doesn’t have to, and that’s why he supports

Nautilus Reels hopes so too. Nautilus built a thriving business understanding fisherman like Burnett, engineering precision tools tough enough to travel and perform flawlessly in punishing environments around the world. Or in the legendary fisheries right here in their backyard. Keeping those fisheries healthy for people like Eric Burnett is a big part of why they, too, support

And the team at Nautilus will be happy to know that the custom CCF-X2 they designed for isn’t going in a display case or on a trophy wall. Burnett plans to use it the first chance he gets, which happens to be coming up in a few days when he travels east for a shot at his first cobia on a fly.

Thanks to everyone who supported us through the Nautilus Reels sweepstakes, and of course to the entire team at Nautilus. We’ve got more drawings on the way, with more chances to win one-of-a-kind gear while helping secure a healthy future for Florida’s waters.