As of today, Bullsugar is officially VoteWater

As of today, Bullsugar is now officially VoteWater.

The name change reflects our renewed commitment identifying and supporting candidates who’ll fight for clean water and stand up to the powerful interests that impede change.

Until now our focus and our name has revolved around the depredations of Florida’s powerful sugar industry. But the seagrass die-off and manatee deaths in the Indian River Lagoon, Piney Point and the threat posed by the phosphate industry, the fight to save Florida’s iconic springs and other battles demonstrate that our waters are under siege in virtually every corner of the state.

We’ll retain all the passion and brashness you’ve come to expect from Bullsugar. But we realize that ultimately, all the challenges facing Florida’s springs, lakes, estuaries and coastal regions are political problems, requiring a political solution.

And you hold the key: Vote water.

Our future depends on it.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting change.