Lake Okeechobee

Florida: Polluted lakes, polluted estuaries and only one way out

March 21, 2022

Florida: We’re Number One! In polluted lakes, that is: The state’s waters have long been fouled by dirty stormwater and algae blooms fed by fertilizer run off from farms. Now a new study examining water quality across the U.S. shows Florida ranking…

If West Palm Beach finds another source of water, shouldn’t Lake O be kept lower?

March 17, 2022

Toxic blue-green algae on Lake Okeechobee isn’t just a problem for the lake, or for the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee when those estuaries are being blasted with discharges from the lake full of cyanobacteria. Increasingly, as this article in the…

Wilton Simpson will harm our waters – and he’s almost certain to be Florida’s next Agriculture Commissioner

February 25, 2022

When the bigwigs in Tallahassee are committed to corporate privilege over clean water, you get what we’ve got – a long crisis that can only get worse. Case in point: Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson, who is running for Agriculture…

Senate Bill 2508: Citizen opposition made a difference

February 17, 2022

They blinked. The night before a profoundly damaging bill for the Everglades and Florida’s environment in general was slated to go before the state Senate, word came: There was an amendment. And many of the worst provisions in Senate Bill…

Florida Senate to address controversial Senate Bill 2508

February 17, 2022

The Florida Senate is in session today and will be addressing Senate Bill 2508, a controversial measure which originally proposed far-reaching changes to Everglades restoration measures which would have undermined the LOSOM process and could have had a major impact…