Urban Sprawl

Should Florida put a lid on population growth to retain a ‘quality environment?’

February 2, 2023

The words practically jump off the page. “There is a limit to the number of people which the South Florida basin can support and at the same time maintain a quality environment,” the statement to the governor reads. “The State…

Bad bill alert: HB 41 would limit citizens’ ability to challenge development rules

January 5, 2023

Happy 2023 from VoteWater, where we’re confident the new year will bring tidings of comfort and joy — and lousy ideas, bad bills and terrible initiatives courtesy of the Florida Legislature. In fact, we’ve already identified our first Bad Bill…

This is how rural Florida disappears: One comprehensive plan amendment at a time

September 16, 2022

The assault on rural Florida is intensifying. Florida counties all have comprehensive plans, roadmaps designed to shepherd development into areas that can handle it, and away from those that can’t — like rural Florida. But all that open rural acreage…