Linda Thompson Gonzalez

The lawsuit by Sugar last summer to raise the Lake even though the additional water was not needed, demonstrated the hollowness of their claims and underscored the urgency of making human health and ecological balance a priority. Our environmental ecological balance, is fundamental for everything else: our lives, water and health; protecting our property, life savings and future from sea level rise; as well as our maritime and tourism industries. Without it we lose everything.Linda Thompson Gonzalez

Ft Lauderdale residents have suffered long enough with yellow water and toxic algae of various hues. We need water-quality legislation with teeth to close the loopholes for polluters and stop pollution at its sources, including faulty wastewater systems, septic tanks, and agricultural runoff.Linda Thompson Gonzalez

Lake Okeechobee belongs to the people of Florida, not private industry. As someone who grew up in SW Michigan farmland with small family-owned farms, I want to work with farmers to increase “renewal and recovery” organic agriculture.Linda Thompson Gonzalez

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