The Bravest Thing You Can Do Without Getting Shot At

In a fight as bitter as Florida’s struggle for clean water, virtually no one can manage to face the opposition with civility and a constructive outlook, much less a smile. If you haven’t met Maggy Hurchalla, you should–even if she’s not on your side. Start by watching this:

The celebrated environmentalist and politician has dedicated much of her life to Everglades restoration, for a victory she admits she is unlikely to ever see. In this video, with boundless knowledge and quick wit, Maggy takes on a class full of Indian River State College students, challenging them to get involved in the political structure, and arming them with enough knowledge to join one of the toughest fights in Florida history… And then blowing them away with her command of the issue and the solution to stop the damaging discharges to the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee, and to restore the flow of clean, fresh water to Everglades National Park and Florida Bay.

Maggy reminds us that service to the people is one of the most selfless acts of courage we can undertake. “I always tell people you should go into politics. It’s the bravest thing you can do without getting shot at. It’s the way you can do the most for your community. And if you like standing on stage with no clothes on, in a spotlight, while people throw shit at you – you’ll love it.”

Watch the full video here. You won’t be sorry.