Now Or Neverglades Sportfishing Day: The Power of Stories

Hundreds of captains and guides are headed to Tallahassee on April 11th to tell their stories to lawmakers. You should, too.

Now Or Neverglades Sportfishing Day will unite people who depend on healthy fisheries for their livelihoods–fishermen, boat builders, outfitters… but also people who just love the water and refuse to stay quiet while our estuaries die. Legislators have asked us again and again to tell them in person about the impact of Florida’s water management crises, to take our stories to them. On April 11th we’re bringing them a boatful.

The reason it makes a difference is that numbers are abstract, even when they’re impressive. Florida’s fishing industry contributes $9.7 billion and 129,000 jobs to our economy, and boating contributes another $10.4 billion and 83,000 jobs–and both are dwarfed by our $89.1 billion tourism industry and its 1.1 million jobs. And toxic discharges and the diversion of freshwater from the Everglades puts every dollar of it at risk.

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It’s easier to ignore a statistic–even a powerful one–than a person.

  • So when Rochelle Neumann stands in front of you and says, “I’m the human face of people who have lost their homes and their businesses,” it’s not easy to look away.

  • Or when Sandy Moret says, “We have people calling, ‘Should we still come the Keys, should we cancel the trip,’” it means more than a financial projection.

  • Or when Capt. Dave Perkins says, “Water that used to be pristine and prolific is now foul-smelling pea soup,” it’s graphic in a way a report can’t be.

  • Or when waterfront restaurant owner Paul Hines says, “This is the color of the water that comes down with the algae,” it paints a picture.

  • Or when Capt. Rufus Wakeman says, “The Indian River Lagoon has suffered total destruction. The grass is gone,” it hits home.

If you’re thinking about making the trip, watch these clips. You’ll see and hear people who love the water, whose businesses are directly affected by algae blooms, seagrass die-offs, and fish kills…and whose passion and courage drove them to speak up. 

If you have a story to tell please come with us, tell it to the legislature, and spend a day with people like these, making a difference for future generations. Click here to register (it’s free) and get details for Now Or Neverglades Sportfishing Day in Tallahassee on April 11.

If you can’t make the trip, you can still make a difference:

  • Sign the Now Or Neverglades Declaration if you haven’t already. And please make sure the people you know who care about clean water add their names, too. They can even sign by phone–just text “sign” to 91990.

  • Call your legislators. It’s easy: dial 844-505-2887 and you’ll be automatically connected to lawmakers in your district who need to hear personal stories.

  • Donate to Bullsugar. Help us amplify the Now Or Neverglades Declaration and raise awareness of Florida’s water management crises–and their solution–around the state and around the country.