On Giving Tuesday, help us fight for cleaner water

November 29 is Giving Tuesday — a time to celebrate how generosity can change the world.

At VoteWater, we know change needs to come for Florida’s imperiled waters. Your support can power our fight against polluters, help us hold politicians accountable and demand action on red tide, blue-green algae and other threats to our beautiful, bountiful waters.

On Giving Tuesday, you can get involved by donating to VoteWater, by sharing our social media posts or this message with friends and family — or all the above.

Together, we can make a difference.

In 2022 your support helped us produce our biennial voter guides, where we surveyed more than 500 candidates and dug deep into campaign finance to find out who was taking money from special interests. We launched the No Big Sugar Money campaign, seeking to end the undue influence of sugar industry money in politics.

Our weekly newsletters kept you on top of crucial clean-water issues. We made sure YOUR voice was heard during debate over the new Lake Okeechobee System Operating Manual, or LOSOM. We pushed state legislators to do more to fight harmful algal blooms and to vote against legislation destined to make our waters even dirtier.

In 2023, we’ve got more ambitious plans. We’re kicking off a new series of investigations called “Deep Dives,” examining some of the most important issues affecting our waters. We’ll continue to “follow the money,” and we’ll strive to be an even more insistent voice opposing bad legislation — and supporting good bills.

It’s a lot of work, but Florida’s natural beauty is worth it. If you agree, please consider supporting our efforts next week on November 29 for Giving Tuesday with a non-tax deductible donation by visiting VoteWater.org and clicking the “donate” button

We can’t do this alone. But with your help, we can do more — and we can do great things.