On Giving Tuesday, your generosity can fuel our hard-hitting advocacy

Tomorrow’s the big day.

On Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, your generosity can help change the world — and help VoteWater step up the fight for cleaner water across Florida.

Our organization, founded as Bullsugar.org, has a history of brash and hard-hitting activism. We have no plans to stop now.

In 2022 our voter guides told Floridians where the candidates stood on key environmental issues. We dug deep on campaign finance and the political corruption at the root of our water problems. We lobbied decision-makers at the local, state and national level to ensure clean water was on the agenda.

As 2023 approaches, we’ve got even bigger plans. Your support can help us push even harder to protect and preserve our iconic waters, and all that depends on them.

So please consider donating to VoteWater on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29, by visiting our website and clicking on the “Donate” button.

The future of clean water in Florida is worth fighting for. And if we join together — there’s no telling what we can achieve.