Our Voter Guides keep the focus on clean water

Election day is soon upon us.

And do you know who your local clean-water candidates are?

Environmental concerns haven’t been high on the campaign agenda for many Florida candidates this year, but that’s why VoteWater’s 2022 Voter Guides keep the focus where it belongs, on cleaner water — and the candidates that can help us get there.

We’ve reviewed, rated and in some cases endorsed more than 150 candidates in 15 Florida counties at the county commission, state and federal levels. We’ve surveyed the candidates on key clean-water issues in their district and posted their responses online.

And we dug deep into campaign finances to find out who’s taking “dirty money” from special interests — so you can vote for candidates who vow to keep it clean and send polluters packing.

So check out our voter guides at votewater.org/voter-guides. And if you like what you see, consider a donation to help support the effort.

Because until we elect clean-water candidates — the next water crisis will always be just around the corner.